Back to School, Back to Cool

School is just around the corner, and you or your kiddos can scoot to school in style with a new Micro scooter! Earning an A+ in both style & smiles, these Swiss-engineered rides are guaranteed to make the first day back even more fun. From preschool to college, there’s a Micro scooter for everyone. 

Follow along for the must-have Micro scooters for every grade. 


Best Preschool Scooters

Nothing says rolling up in style like some light-up wheels! The Mini LED scooter is the perfect ride for your preschooler. Whether it’s an easy journey to school or an after-school scoot, your kiddo will be excited for this school year! 

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Top Elementary School Scooters

Kids riding Micro Maxi Deluxe Foldable LED

Convenient and cool: the perfect elementary school combination. The Maxi Deluxe Foldable LED is just that. With its folding mechanism, vibrant colors, and LED wheels, your child will be eager to return to school and show off their new ride!

A great 2-wheeled option to cruise into the new school year is the smooth-sailing Micro Cruiser for ages 6-8!

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Favorite Middle School Scooters

Kid riding Micro Sprite LED Neochrome

The Micro Sprite LED Neochrome: perfect for the trek to and from middle school, or to scoot around with friends. Plus, the foldable feature makes it easier to store in a locker or take on the go! The sleek rainbow-neochrome finish and LED wheels will be turning heads left and right. 


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Best High School Scooters

Adults riding Micro Speed Deluxe

The easiest way for high schoolers to get around town? The Speed DeluxeIt’s agile, compact, and it looks cool, with three fetching color options. We see it as the goldilocks of scooters - not too big and not too small. Just right for young teens and smaller adults.


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Top College Scooters

Adults riding Micro Classic

Getting around campus can be a struggle: early mornings, classes across campus, and busy schedules. With the Micro Classic, say goodbye to being late for class and hello to efficiency. You’ll be able to get from point A to B much speedier, easing the load of those busy schedules. Even better, you can fold up the Micro Classic and bring it right into the classroom! 


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