How to Choose the Two-Wheel Scooter Your Child Will Love

Hey Micro friends, is your child ready to switch up their scooting game?

While Micro’s 3-wheel kickboards are popular with kids up to age 12 and beyond, our two-wheel scooters offer a different style of ride.

So if your child is ready for a whole new adventure, look no further than Micro’s lineup of quality two-wheeled scooters!

Packed with Swiss design, modular construction, and our incredibly smooth glide, Micro’s two-wheel scooters make kids feel like they're riding on a cloud. But with so many color and design options, choosing the perfect model for your rider can be a bit overwhelming.

That's why we're breaking down all the features and benefits of each of our 2-wheel models, so you and your child can choose the perfect new ride.

So buckle up (or ‘helmet-on’ in the world of scooters), and let's get rolling! 


Micro Sprite Scooters

Micro Kickboard Sprite Scooter LED


Let's start with the Micro Sprite, our best-selling 2-wheel scooter for kids. It has the smoothest ride around, and is super easy to steer.

While it often acts as an entry-level scooter for children starting as young as age six, the Micro Sprite's adjustable t-bar accommodates a range of sizes, even accommodating teens and adults, which means its shareable: the whole fam will love it!

What else makes the Micro Sprite so popular? It feels strong and stable underfoot while kids ride, something that can only be attributed to Micro’s commitment to quality materials and signature precision engineering.

The Micro Sprite comes in a huge range of amazing colors, with and without LED light-up wheels, so every child can choose one that shows off their personality best!

Did someone say compact? The Micro Sprite's T-bar and its handle bars are foldable, so they are a cinch to store away in a school locker, under a table at your neighborhood restaurant, or in suitcases (the Micro Sprite is amazing for travel, offering a fast easy way for kids to get around, then doubling up as something to play with at your destination). It goes where you go - check our Micro Carry Straps for a hands-free way to carry a folded Sprite. 

But wait, there's more! As mentioned, the Micro Sprite offers a version with LED wheels, great for those wanting to add a little extra sparkle. The Sprite LED lights are motion-activated and have been tested to 80,000 rotations, so no batteries required, ever. Your child will feel like a superstar.

All replaceable parts mean you can keep your Micro Sprite rolling year after year after year. The Micro Sprite is suitable for anyone ages 6 and up and can hold up to 220 lbs. For adults wanting to travel ‘long’ distances, we recommend larger scooters with larger wheels!

Rocket Scooter

Now, for the rough-and-tumble kids, we've got the Micro Rocket scooter.

These scooters, recommended for ages eight up through teens, are distinguished by their extra-wide wheels (front and back), offering more wheel contact with the ground. Sometimes referred to as "road holding," it means the Micro Rocket can handle turns like a boss.

While the wheels offer some additional weight, they also offer stability. For perspective, the lightweight Micro Sprite weighs almost 6lbs and the Micro Rocket weighs 9lbs.

In addition to the cool, edgy wheels, the sleek sky-blue and black finishes make the Micro Rocket popular with both boys and girls alike. 

Get ready to lean into corners like a pro on this fun and unique Micro ride.


Cruiser Scooter

Micro Kickboard Cruiser Scooter Blue

Looking for a scooter that can go the distance? Look no further than the smooth-gliding Micro Cruiser, designed for ages 6+. With its big wheels, wide handlebars, and low foot deck the Micro Cruiser has a cool, retro look.


The wide chopper-style handlebars and low foot deck work together to offer great balance and a very comfortable stance while riding. The big wheels mean kids get a smooth, fast glide on the Micro Cruiser (similar to scooters for adults). The chopper handlebars are designed to sit lower, and work best for kids up to about age 8. 

Even better, every part of the Micro Cruiser is replaceable, as with all our scooters! Once your child has outgrown it, freshen it up to pass it to a sibling or a pal. Plus, the Micro Cruiser comes in various hand-picked colors that will make your child stand out in style.



Pro-Style Scooters



And last up are our newest Chilli Pro Scooters, designed for kids who like to ‘catch some air’ or do little jumps while riding. Trick scooters are one of the newest trends taking hold in 2-wheel scooters in the US and around the world.

The Chilli Pro Scooters are designed WITHOUT a folding mechanism, which is one of the features that makes them strong enough to take the weight of a child (or anyone up to 220lbs) jumping and then landing after doing a trick.

Trick Scooters are often referred to as Pro Scooters because they are designed to be used by pro riders who do very complicated and difficult tricks at skateparks. However, similar to skateboards, these pro scooters can also be used by kids who just like to have a go at doing some tricks.

Other features of Chilli Pro Scooters are their smaller wheels: either 110mm or 120mm in size. These wheels are best on very smooth surfaces; however many kids happily ride them on urban sidewalks. They also have low handlebars which facilitate handling of the scooter during tricks by pro riders. 

Chilli Pro Scooters are known well around the world for being exceptional quality scooters, and kids love the latest skater styles.


So, whether you're looking for a trusty 2-wheeler or a pro-style scooter, Micro has got you covered.

Click below to shop, and if you need assistance, our award-winning customer service is always here to help!


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