The Award-Winning Micro Experience

At Micro, we like to bring our customers the best. And while we often boast about our highly designed, durable, sustainable scooters, we’re also proud to hear so much praise about our customer service. 


The customer experience is incredibly important to us, and we take every aspect of “The Micro Experience” into consideration. From our packaging to the products, to the messages in your inbox! Oftentimes, it feels as simple as treating you how we’d like to be treated. 


When we hear from customers about their surprise and delight at a human answering the phone, or a quick, human response to an email, it’s a reminder that excellent customer service (award-winning, on our part, actually) takes a special kind of team.


Our team puts your needs first and strives to exceed your expectations at every turn. This means taking the time to understand your needs, preferences, and pain points while tailoring our services to meet them. If a problem arises, we know that resolving it quickly and efficiently is the goal. 


We are so thankful for our amazing customer service team and the customers who take time out of their days to shout them out. We receive countless compliments and pieces of positive feedback that are not only incredibly heartwarming but only further our mission to provide a rockin’ experience to every customer. 


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