Warehouse Deals – what are they?  Why are they discounted?

blog_banner_warehouse.pngThis blog post is here to shed some light on our Warehouse Deals items—these are discounted items you can find in the Shop tab on our homepage.

 So, what are Warehouse Deals items?

Warehouse Deals items are scooters, bikes, and other products that we are not able to sell as new.  These items have a variety of origins:

  • Returned items that have been refurbished
  • Items used at photo + video shoots
  • Items with damaged packaging and/or no packaging (these are rare as we are normally able to re-box items)

 So, while these items could not be sold as “new,” they are:

  • Fully functional
  • Steeply discounted
  • Individually tested for safety and functionality before shipping out
  • Include 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

This means that Warehouse Deals items are a great way to achieve some savings as long as the recipient (possibly you!) does not mind receiving an item that has been used previously + has some visible wear. 


Can I request a scooter that has less wear than others?  How much wear can I expect?

We are not able to honor such requests as our orders are automatically sent to the warehouse for fulfillment. That said, all of the scooters have similar wear/tear—no more than a few days’ worth of use.

And, while we are not able to photograph each individual scooter in our Warehouse Deals section—there are hundreds of units at times—following are some photos of “what to expect” in terms of wear: 

 As you can see above, you can expect Warehouse Deals items to have some wear/tear but are fully functional and, as aforementioned, are individually tested and inspected before shipping and also include the 2-year warranty.


What if I don’t like the item?  Can I return it?

All sales on Warehouse Deals items are final; these items are not returnable or exchangeable.  This is why there is the short Warehouse Deals Agreement that you must first agree to before being able to add the item to your cart.  Having these items be non-returnable is the only way we can continue to offer these products to our customers.


Where do Warehouse Deals items ship from?

All of these items are individually inspected and shipped out from our main warehouse located in Grand Rapids, MI. Our West Coast warehouse does not stock any of these items. During each inspection, our warehouse employee will apply the following “badge” to the box:


This particular Warehouse Deals scooter was inspected by Charles (Charles' initials = CM)


This is the Warehouse Deals section of the warehouse.  The stock in this section can vary greatly from day-to-day and especially from week-to-week.  These items tend to move fast!

That’s it!  I personally recommend items from this section for use as replacements and spares for friends—while not new, items in this section are a great way to save some money on a fully functional, Micro-brand product.


Please feel free to write or call if you have any questions:



888-236-5657 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm EST)


Thank you for choosing Micro!

-David Stebbins, Customer Service Director

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