8 Summer Toy Must-Haves for Elementary Kids
Top-rated summer outdoor toys for elementary children.
General Micro Scooter Care
Tips and tricks on Micro Scooter Care, how to properly keep your scooter in great condition.
Three Rules for Smart, Safe Scooting
Safety tips for riding scooters. 3 ways to keep you and your children safe while scooting.
The Mini2Go Deluxe: Micro's transitional ride-on for toddlers
The Mini2Go Deluxe is the top-rated ride-on for children ages 18 months and up. As your child grows, this scooter converts to a stand-on scooter through age 5.
Top-rated Mini Deluxe scooter for ages 2-5
The Mini Deluxe is the highest-rated scooter for ages 2-5. This scooter offers a fun, lean-to-steer design which teaches balance and coordination in children.
Maxi Deluxe 3-wheeled scooter for ages 5-12
The Maxi Deluxe is a high-quality, 3-wheeled ride for ages 5-12.
The Micro Sprite: The highest-rated 2-wheeled scooter for ages 6+
The Sprite is our lightest-weight 2-wheeled scooter for ages 6+, including teens &and adults! Foldable, lightweight, and portable, the Sprite can hold up to 220lbs.
The Micro Trike: Lightweight, sleek ride-on for toddlers
The Trike is an ultra-lightweight, portable option for children ages 18 months and up! Easy to stow and travel with, the Trike is a great option to a bulky stroller.
Mini 3in1: 3 rides for 3 stages of riding
The Mini 3in1 Deluxe offers 3 rides for 3 ages! This Swiss-designed, high-quality ride grows with children from ages 12 months to 5 years.
Micro Sprite Review by Two Wheeling Tots
A top-notch kick scooter in both quality and durability and a clear winner in both appearance and performance. RATING: Exceptional BEST FOR: Kids who want a smoother, more nimble ride than a traditional kick scooter PROS: Precise design and construction result...
Micro’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Elementary Students: Ages 5-12
Gift guide for elementary students, best Christmas gifts for elementary students, top-rated gifts for elementary age, elementary gifts
Micro’s Most Popular Holiday Gifts for Tweens:  Ages 8+
Gifts for young teens, Christmas gifts for tweens, top-rated gifts for teenagers
Micro's Top 2017 Gifts that Grow with your Your Toddler
Top 2017 gifts for toddlers, Top Christmas gifts for ages 1-5, Top gifts for one year old, Grow-with-me gifts, Top gifts for toddlers
The Man Behind the Micro Brand
Wim Oubotor, Micro Kickboard
Scootering Around Silverlake by Shalice Noel
One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is explore new neighborhoods and scooter around. While Reid and I look for coffee, the kids compete who can scooter the fastest and they usually find a lizard or two...
Just Roll With It by Ledger and Major
Do you and your kids a favor and get some kid friendly wheels. Micro kickboardscooters to the rescue . Not only are these scooters rated the best in the world, but they have cool. minimalist design and come in multiple colors....
5 Reasons Why I Love Scooters by Shalice Noel
Last week, we scootered around the historic Mission District and found so many beautiful historic buildings to learn about and scooter around. It was founded in 1771, and the fourth of California’s 21 missions. We scootered around the fountain and to the...
On Saturdays We Scoot by Naomi Davis (Love Taza)
…and go to the farmer’s market (see below.) and get pumpkins (so long as they are mini.) on saturdays, we eat pancakes for breakfast before going to a baptism for eleanor’s friend (at least on this saturday), and do chores around the apartment and...
Trick or Treat on a Micro!
Trick or treat this year on a Micro Scooter!
Wide wheels vs. standard wheels – what is the difference?  Pros and cons of each?
Wide wheels vs. standard wheels – what is the difference?  Pros and cons of each?